Leica DMR versus Canon 20D Test Shots

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The tests were made using the same 2.8/60mm Macro-Elmarit lens (via an adapter ring on the Canon 20D). Both cameras were tripod-mounted. Exposure was Aperture Priority Automatic, the diaphragm setting the same for both cameras, files were captured in RAW format.

Due to the smaller size sensor of the 20D, the camera position was changed in such a way as to cover approximately the same area.

DMR = Leica Digital Module R
DNG = Adobe Digital Negative format, the Raw format Leica has chosen for the DMR



Comparison of photos taken with Leica DMR & Canon 20D    
Leica DMR & Canon 20D Full picture comparison    
Download Leica DMR RAW file Download Leica DMR TIFF file Download Canon 20D DNG file Download Canon 20D TIFF file
Download Leica DMR DNG file Download Leica DMR TIFF file Download Canon 20D DNG file Download Canon 20D TIFF file


Leica DMR vs Canon 20D Sharpness Comparison    
Sharpness Comparison    
Leica DMR vs Canon 20D digital noise comparison    
Digital Noise Comparison    

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