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Utilities - Windows

R82R9.zip - Windows version

Author: Wolfram Söns - http://www.soens.de
A utility that patches R8 DNG files and changes to camera definition from R8 to R9. Useful for instance for some RAW converters that only recognize R9 DMR created RAW files (e.g. Capture Pro 3.7.1RC).

- Unzip
- Create a new Folder Program Files\Soens
- Copy R82R9.exe into the new folder
- Create a shortcut on the desktop

After starting R82R9, you can drop either a file or a folder into the in-box. The program will convert all DNG files from R8 to R9.
Attention: For safety, do not use on the original files, make a copy in another folder.


Utilities - Mac

R82R9.sitx - Mac version

Same functionality as Windows version, compressed with Stuffit

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