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Leica Camera AG Solms
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Leica FAQ by Andrew Nemeth
Leica Reflex Cameras
Using Leica R lenses on Canon Digital SLRs by Andrew Nemeth
Leica Reflex Cams and Couplings by Jem Kime
Black & Olive Green Enamelling of M and Screwthread Cameras


Reviews and Tests

Leica Pages by Erwin Puts
Leica Reflex Cameras and Lenses by Douglas Herr



Leica Lens Compendium by Erwin Puts - Review
Leica Gallery Online Book Shop


Fora, Discussions
Mailing Lists

Leica Camera (Solms) Digital Forum - The Leica company fora are amongst the most interesing for Digital Leica
Leica Camera (Solms) Customer Forum
Leica Camera (Solms) Digital-Forum (German)
Leica Camera (Solms) Kunden-Forum (German)

DMR Forum on Fred Miranda (Guy Mancuso), most informative
DSLRexchange.com DMR Forum
photo net Leica Photography Forum, mainly rangefinder, lots of noise
Leica Info Forum - English and German, a low traffic Old Fellows setup, new posters not very welcome
Leica Historical Society of America
LUG Leica Users Group Archive - Mailing list, lots of traffic, lots of noise, little useful new information
Digital Leica User Group at yahoo - Very little activity
Leica Reflex Forum - Mailing list - Some interesting posts, lots of noise
Canon 20D Forum (in Korean)

Lympa Log by Gary Todoroff - Leica lenses on 4/3 Olympus body

Digital Photography Forums - Various general digital boards, no specific Leica section
Fred Miranda - General digital boards , no specific Leica section
Royal Photographic Society Forum (UK) - Good quality, little noise
Steve's DigiCams Forums - Very much general information, no specific Leica section



Carsten Bockermann - Travel
Josef Corso - War, Photojournalism, Fine Art, Travel
Douglas Herr - Wildlife
William D.Hunton - Wedding Photography
Lutz Konermann
Loretta Lux - Children, Art
Hermann Krieger
James Megargee
Andrew Nemeth
Hermann J.Netz - Nature, Travel, Art
Norbert Rosing - Nature
John Mark Shaw - Documentary, Travel, Fine Art
Gary D. Whalen - Nature and Travel
Robert Yan

Magnum Photos


Service and Repair

Camera Repairs & Restoration - Luton, England



Don Chatterton Leica Page
KBCamera Leica Gallery



PhotoLinks - The Photography Network
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